lundi 23 octobre 2017

Transgressive Cultures Conference

The University Of Chicago Center in Paris
6, rue Thomas Mann
9, 10 november 2017

We are really happy to be part of the TRANSGRESSIVE CULTURES CONFERENCES, organized by Jack Sargeant, Nicole Malik and Sébastien Greppo... 2 days of conferences, performances etc... !!


Dejan Gacond - Kit Brown - Tenko

The artist Kit Brown, the musician Tenko, and the writer Dejan Gacond will present « NO(W)-BODY » a special performative-conference-installation building a bouncing dialogue between images and sound... A bouncing dialogue based on Lydia Lunch and Antonin Artaud’s works. A dialogue between an opposite and similar reflection  « From the body, for the body, with the body, through the body, still the body and until the body »... about the body as an instrument of revolt, about art as an instrument of rebellion, about the need to scream and about the deconstruction of a structured langage…
Our installation will materialize and resorb itself during the conference-performance. A possible world appearing and disappearing. A fragile balance between nothingness and accumulation where nothingness can be the accumulation or the other way around. This ephemeral reality will crawl out of the void and get back to its empty form during their performance mixing spoken word and dark wave.

9 of november, 4.15 pm
Huge thank to Nicole Malik, Jack Sargeant and Sébastien Greppo !!

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