mardi 17 mai 2022

Sailing Stones Festival - part 1



Kef Abed, Tunisia - may 2022

Words will slowly come to talk about this moving, beautiful, wildly oscillating experience we shared in Tunisia !!! What a kaleidoscopic adventure that was... What a human journey that was... It wasn't a festival... it was a post-mystic-retro-chaotic quest !!!

HUGE LOVE to everyone who made it possible !!! 

vendredi 1 avril 2022

Back soon with NOTHINGness to do... meanwhile... a few random archives


Back soon with NOTHINGness to do

A few random archives meanwhile - part 1

 exhibition at Zone Arts, Besançon / 2015 - pic : Kit Brown

Performance with Tenko at a kaleidoscope fest at Bikini Test, 2016 / pic : Brigou photographe

Simon Jones and Bernard Trontin at Poésie en Ville, Geneva, 2016 / pic : Stan of Persia

 "Traité du vide et de l'entretien des pinces à linge" - 2021

Gängstgang at Freaks Show 2019 - pic : Belly Hole Freak

double Sylvia Pellegrino at FJT Les Oiseaux, Besançon, 2014 - pic ; Kit Brown

La Plage des Six Pompes 2019 - intruders in front of pirate vessel - pic Mehdi Benkler 

Bad Bonn Kilbi 2019 - how cool it is to kaleidoscope on a beach