jeudi 9 juillet 2020

KON - somewhere in paradise

KON - somewhere in paradise

What a kaleidoscope that was !!!

Thanks to Love Cans / Su Hijo Komander / The Sourdines for the rock n roll !!

More KON soon !!!

vendredi 3 juillet 2020

Home rebirth KON

The first KON of the year was fantastic !!

Little KON home festival !!

Thanks to everyone for makin' it hapen !

Huge love in this insane world !

All pics by Kit Brown

Lots of new acts in the KON : Harpe / Abstral Compost / Nothing But Lovers / Météo Duo / Son of Dog / Cochon Double

And a few who came around before : Chien mon Ami / Dany Petermann / Bab Digler / Rémy Rufer

Thanks to Esteban for the food !!

Thanks to Bab and gael for the technic !

Thanks to Dany P / Anja / Fanfan / Loic / Dad  for the help !

Thanks to everyone for everything