samedi 25 août 2012

If the 20th century was a record

Fragment de l'exposition "A kaleidoscope of nothingness..." au Rock Altitude Festival, merci à Lofo d'avoir fait suivre tout ça, keep rocking guys !!!


 (photo : Kit Brown, 2012)

mardi 21 août 2012

Up and down the horizon

 Up and down the horizon

a film by Sabrina Sarabi
with Ann-Kathrin Doerig and Wolfram Schorlemmer
musik by Felix Rosch
camera by Enno Endlicher
inspired by a short story by Dejan

International Première : Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival - 23-31 august 2012

Excerpt :

They walk together in a friendly atmosphere, staggering a little in their approximate path… talking about nothing… a persistent whistling is annoying their ears; it’s like if the basses were continuing to knock their brain out! Constantly and painfully… Their bodies are evolving together in a weird atmosphere… It looks like an apocalyptic situation… The industrial part of the city seems dead at night… Metallic bridges above them connecting two different kind of nothingness… a train goes past in a terrific noise of steel and rotating machine… any idea of time and space, of reality’s appearance are fading out and rebuilding at the same time… once, maybe… a human civilization took place there… they feel like drunken archaeologists digging through the ruins of an odd society… their undulating trajectories drive them from one point to the other… rusty cars in pieces, piles of used television, broken aerials, the ground is dusty and muddy, objects are spread around; an old radio, some red and blue lined sport shoes, empty beers…
-          It seems to be the biggest society’s compost!
-          Yeah or one of those Caspar Friedrich painting where you can see an old church falling apart on itself… The disappearance of God’s power… the system’s failure Mat speaks in a jerky way, between two hicks.
-          Nothing lasts forever… we’re ephemeral particles Mat…
-          Maybe, we’re mad scientists from the future, sent to observe the results of an oppressive an opulent society… look what we left behind

Mat’s voice is very low, his teeth keep shacking, he’s breathless, tired and excited at the same time…

-          How well, is there some joint left?
-          Here you are, take a drag Ann

As to prove their thoughts and observation of collapsed history, a huge and threatening iron dinosaur is looking at them as they stagger nearby… Two opposite perceptions and systems are juxtaposing themselves… especially with that morning blue metallic light with grey reflects. Obscured by the brightness to come… walking from one place to the other, jumping around and laughing… All of a sudden, Ann grabs a rusty rod and starts to annoy the dinosaur’s sculpture… She’s digging into the reptile’s ass… Look Mat; I’m fucking history in the ass, don’t need a dick for that… and she’s laughing her head off… Mat is jumping to encourage her; Fuck the skeleton, let’s accelerate the fall! They’re feeling free and powerful… Ann is frantic as she’s enjoying the instant’s consume… Her body is moving in easiness in the air and she’s deeply concentrated on what she’s doing… Mat is like a child, running around the sculpture, shouting his extravaganza as loud as he can…
Around them other staggering silhouettes pass by and they always talk a few words to each other… like a community signal or something… a call from the unknown, a gathering significant figure… or just a sign to accentuate the feeling of being in the same boat… a sinking boat anyway. 

Dejan - 2010

lundi 20 août 2012

Thanks a lot... it was real...

Merci à toutes et à tous pour le Rock Altitude Festival... it was a hell of a night...
Merci à Marianne Chargois pour son incroyable performance...

Merci à Kunz et à Wellington Irish Black Warrior pour la bande-son de fin du monde qu'ils nous ont proposé... 


Rock Altitude Festival 2012... they played in nothingness : The Shit, Aloan, Take Offense, Six Months of the Sun, C. Gibbs, Aloan, Karma to Burn, KoQa, The Secret, Hathors, and many more...

Thank you Rock Alt'... it was a real insanity...



mercredi 8 août 2012

Clinical Path feat. Marianne Chargois

Lo-fi spoken music :

Performance :

 (photo : Kit Brown, 2012)

Tout ces corps; figés dans leur reproduction abstraite… les sons mécaniques se mélangent à la chimie sanguine… coagulant ; ensemble… s’exténuant séparément. Procession illusoire d’un temps déjà enfuit… des parties de corps se superposent au flottement ivre de l’instant...

Que se passe-t-il dans l’air entre l’image d’un corps et son ondulation en devenir ?

 (photo : Kit Brown, 2009) 
Les mots - sinistres photographies d’un réel inintelligible –
Les images – preuve accablante d’une réalité inachevée -
se voient pourfendus par la geste et par le mouvement cependant.
Un langage n’étant pas encore structuré, des images non figées…
Dans les oscillations sonores et gestuelles de son occurrence, le corps signifie tout entier.

Jeudi 16 août 2012
Rock Altitude Festival
Le Locle

 (photo : kit Brown, 2010)