mardi 26 avril 2016

Feed yourself with art...

There are so many different entries in this hazy society surrounding us… Why did he came here? For what reason? And what reason has to do in there? A dream coming true or a fantasy he’s trying to chase? whatever! Trying to confront an ideal past floating in the valley of utopia with a furious present consuming around him. 

(pics by Kit Brown, 2015)

Don’t give up! Feed yourself with art, go around these streets and feel and observe. 
Dive into the pool of unconsciousness this world went in… be a witness of its deconstruction! 
This is why he came for in a way. 

(artwork by Kit Brown, 2016)

It’s funny how we can have hopes and dreams about the future, like if a simple change of space and time would cure all the inner fears or something. 
Always projecting ourselves in better state of mind, happier conditions… 
the will of easiness to come… 

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