samedi 27 décembre 2014

... 2014... you've been KONed.... a few pics to sum it up!

... a few pics to go through this year... all pics by Kit Brown !

April 2014 : the text "About Digging the Vein" by Dejan Gacond with pictures by Kit Brown is included in the ebook version of "DIGGING THE VEIN" a masterpiece by Tony O'Neill

May 2014 : installation for the video clip of HATHORS, for the song "Brainwashing Television", filmed by Alain Margot

30 of may 2014 : CLINICAL PATH last show... but love does not fade away... thanks you so much Lisa-Marie, Yonni, Spieli !

1 / 3 of october 2014 : LYDIA LUNCH and JAMES JOHNSTON playing in the KON... well even in dreams i didn't know it could happen !

October 2014 : the little book "The KON" is published by Editions Christofis-Yannopoulos... for MARIANNE CHARGOIS, you are the soul of the KON !

10 of october 2014 : Lydia Lunch, Dejan Gacond, Sylvia Pellegrino, Tenko Texas Seduction, Kit Brown... SICK WITH DESIRE meets A KALEIDOSCOPE OF NOTHINGNESS... crazy shit @ Besançon, for "We Suisse 3" Festival.

13 of november 2014 : KON @ Bad Bonn ! opening for CLIPPING. (US) and OPEN MIKE EAGLE (US) !!

well see u around next year !! thanks for this one !

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