mardi 17 janvier 2012

The void, the photographer and the kaleidoscope (exctract)

For the friends spread here and there in this hazy reality
 keep it real… take care !

He closes his book with temper. No will to continue, to struggle with these obscured thoughts. Words everywhere around him ; piles of books, copied quotes all over the wall and attempts of his own texts too… he only tries to though, cannot go further than fragments. 

“Just my imagination… running away from me”
Rolling Stones

Even listening music gives him the impression of losing his time. He has to work, to go back to the text, as complicated as Deleuze can be… Why? What’s the point? What for? Let’s get loose ! After a quick and disgusting coffee ; the one euro packet. Though time for the poor writer’s challenge… lost in the thought’s web, trapped within the superimposing of ideas, concepts and projects… Trying to do one thousands things at the same time, deeply stucked in the XXI century. It goes too fast, too quick… too many signs, too much light and electricity; movement and fury!

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